We Are A Selective Distributor. 

Selective system integrators

Working in partnership with the main system integrators

in Cybersecurity and IoT products

Brand Development

Working in partnership with brands
to develop market growth and reputation

Market Penetration

Using effective marketing to establish,
maintain and grow market share

Established Retailers

Work closely with major and independent retailers
across the Kingdome.

Large Scale Projects

Handling projects from initial approach,
through to integration and supply

Support & Service

Dedicated support staff ready to assist our customers

Our services

Creative marketing

We offer a wide range of services with the goal to increasing demand for our vendor products, from specialised online and offline campaigns, all the way through to social media management and retailer promotions.

Logistic & Warehouse

All products are shipped from our clean and modern warehouse facility, We use the latest in computer technology to efficiently handle products at every stage, from importation, stocking and dispatch.

Technical Support

In order to ensure that our customers get fully satisfied from our exclusive products, our highly experienced Tech support are responsible for handling installation errors, user issues and any other technical problem that prevents the customer from using our products. In essence, tech support focuses on helping customers to use any of our products as much as effective as possible.

Technical Professional Services

Aiming to achieve full customer satisfaction, our professional services team helps customers to move things forward on their projects with cooperation with vendor’s concerned team we work with.

Technical Training

With a set of skilled engineers/instructors certified by our Vendors, we ensure always to have our partners trained and certified with our latest technologies to be able to fully fulfill our customer’s needs. Such training includes different aspects such as pre-sales, technical support and professional services. In addition to our partners, we couldn’t miss to offer the end client with system training sessions leading the end user to fully understand the technology and how to deal with it.

Technical Pre Sales

Working together with 20Tech and our Vendor’s Sales Teams, our professional presales team understands what the customer needs, develops an initial view of the solution the customer needs, then tailors the products and services of our vendors to meet what the customer needs, explains solutions to the customer, helps close the deal and often stays on to ensure that the delivery team or product specialists that follow him provide the intended solution.