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Cyber Security Brands

Vectra® is the world leader in applying AI to detect and hunt for cyberart tackers Powered by AI, Vectra and its flagship Cognito® threat-detection and hunting platform enables the world’s most consequential enterprise organizations to quickly and decisively stop hidden cyberattacks – from cloud and data center workloads to user and IoT devices.

Comprehensive, enterprise-wide threat-detection coverage is mandatory in today’s hostile data environments, and the stakes have never been higher. No other company comes close to Vectra in proactively hunting-down cyberart tackers and reducing business risk.

Vectra’s core team consists of threat researchers, white hats, data scientists, network security engineers, and UI designers. We’re passionate and committed to making a difference in a world where cybersecurity is a paramount concern, and we constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible to drive the next generation of security.

DTEX is US based company one of the world’s first and only Workforce Cyber Intelligence PlatformTM.
It captures hundreds of elements of behavioral telemetry to produce
dynamic “Indicators of Intent” and deliver holistic, real-time awareness.

about your workforce’s activities – without invading personal privacy.

Deadcult is A Cyber Defense Platform, powered with AI Dead Cult aim to secure your business and to provide full Visibility. Dead Cult is designed as a modular platform, this allows rapid development of new modules to meet arising challenges in a fashionable timeline. Each module tackles a specific security challenge.

In general, Dead Cult ingests Data from different sources (Security Controls provided by Dead Cult or Other 3rd Party Security Controls). Data is then analyzed using correlation, rules, and Artificial Intelligence), to present the final Analysis, Intelligence, and Visualization.

ZignSec is an all-in-one platform for ID verification and compliance management.

The Swedish and NASDAQ-listed company ZignSec, aggregates the best-of-breed ID verification solutions on the market and offer it as a suite of tools for their clients. They help their clients to unify different, often non-linear processes, into automatized and manageable workflows. Their platform offers solutions for KYC/B processes, AML checks, age verification, fraud detection and onboarding – all in real-time.

In their effort of simplifying ID verification for companies around the world they also took a first and unique step in the industry by now offering a no-code compliance management tool, that by drag and drop functionality, makes it easy for their clients to build ID verification and compliance process tailored for their business and markets.

Monitoring and regular updates in line with fast-moving regulations, cybersecurity developments and new ID verifications is just another reason why the ZignSec platform is becoming the most scalable compliance management tool for any business, for any market.

Niagara Networks pioneers the Open Visibility Platform to bring desperately needed agility to network security.

Niagara Networks provides high-performance, high-reliability network visibility, and traffic delivery solutions for the world’s most demanding service provider and enterprise environments.

Niagara Networks provides all the building blocks for an advanced Visibility Adaptation Layer at all data rates up to 100Gb, including advanced packet brokers, bypass switches, network TAPs, and a unified management and orchestration software that serves as a single pane of glass to ease configuration and provisioning of the visibility infrastructure.

Niagara Visibility Controller (NVC)
Whether you are an administrator looking for an overview of all of your visibility nodes (network packet brokers, network TAPs, network bypasses) for your virtual / physical network in data center, or an engineer studying the configuration details, the key to addressing the evolving and dynamic needs of the network visibility layer is best described as being seamless.

Open Visibility Platform
The Open Visibility Platform is a place to host any virtualized application for security and network solutions. This includes any virtualized solution from a third-party, as well as any proprietary, homegrown solution, or in the case of government organizations or highly specialized groups, some kind of black box.

Inline Bypass Switches
A Network Bypass Switch ensures failover or fail-safe capabilities for an inline networking device or a network security tool such as a firewall, NGFW, IDS/IPS, WAF, DDOS and many other flavors of threat detection platforms. If the network or security appliance fails or needs to be taken off-line for whatever reason, its traffic is automatically rerouted, ensuring uninterrupted traffic flow on the network.

Packet Brokers
Niagara Networks offers a broad range of Network Packet Brokers that can be optimized for different use cases and application scenarios, providing your organization with the following 5 major benefits:

  1. Solves architectural complexity whilst creating clear segmentation of network traffic to networking monitoring and security tools
  2. Ultra-high granular view of packet flows from any TAP use case including Niagara’s CloudRay virtual TAP solution.
  3. Simplify Application and Network Performance (APM / NPM) analytics and reporting
  4. Streamline security analytics and advanced threat inspection and prevention
  5. Maximize tool efficiency and scale – optimization of traffic capacity and reduction of duplicated and non-relevant headers and payload.

Niagara Network TAP Devices
Niagara Networks offers passive or active TAPs. A wide range of connectors and fibre types are supported.

  1. Active TAPs: Based on an active switching configuration for generating a “copy” of the traffic. “Copy” traffic is regenerated and there is no loss of signal power. In the case of power failure, “copied” traffic may be lost, but network traffic flows uninterrupted.
  2. Passive TAPs: Based on optical coupler (splitter) so that the tapped network point and appliance are always connected. Passive TAPs don’t need a power supply in order for them to work. It’s 100% secure and invisible, with full transparency to IP, MAC addresses or any configurations and bandwidth rates up to 400Gbps.

IoT Brands

Founded in 2010 , located in Poznan, FIBARO is a global brand based on IoT technology. It provides solutions for building home automation using the most advanced wireless (Z-wave) solutions.
The aesthetic style of the modules and sensors combined with how small they are provides you with the flexibility to place them anywhere in your home with minimal disruption to the existing decoration. The wireless nature of the system means it can be retrofitted at any time, so you can enjoy the benefits of having a more intelligent home now without the need to go through expensive renovations. The modular approach of FIBARO allows you to start small and grow as your needs change.

Bosma is a designer and manufacturer of smart home-connected devices. With our research and development team in Guangzhou, China, and our product design team in Silicon Valley, California, Bosma is now creating some of the most reliable and innovative products in the world. As a brand, we strive to deliver on the promise of a fantastic experience. We do this by spending time with our customers in their communities and understanding their needs and how our products can further enhance their lives. Our mission is and will continue to provide thoughtful design and superior quality that delivers our customers’ best possible experience now and in the future.

Founded in 2011, Netatmo is a French company specializing in connected objects. Their four products (weather station, thermostat, and camera) have been awarded by the “CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards” in 2013, 2014, and 2015. In 2015, Welcome, won 4 awards in the following categories: “Smart Home,” “Home Appliances,” “Digital Imaging,” and “Tech for a Better World.”

Dana lock is a Danish family-held business with more than 15 years of experience within research and development in the smart lock industry. The company was found in 2009; All products are designed and developed in Denmark.